eJManager Journal/Article Management System


Article Submission Tools

  • PDF conversion is being handled automatically
  • All of the required documents could be sent online
  • Authors may see/check the quality of images during submission
  • User friendly submission process
  • Flexible and configurable submission process
  • Multi-language option
  • Ability to change logged journal without closing current session

Review Process

  • Ability to change review options according to your journal
  • Reviewers can review articles online
  • Reviewers can get email and SMS alerts
  • Reviewers can review articles from different journals without changing account
  • Reviewers can see previously reviewed articles
  • Reviewers can get report about previously reviewed articles
  • Multi-language option
  • Ability to change logged journal without closing current session

Editorial Board

  • User friendly interface for editors
  • Configurable email alerts for all steps
  • Ability to study with associate editors
  • Ability to add unlimited editors for additional works (publishing editor, grammatical editor, composing editor etc.)
  • Ability to change the permissions of every single editor
  • Detailed statistics
  • Full control of articles at every step
  • Reminder messages for articles waiting for revision
  • Reminder messages for articles waiting for reviewing
  • Reminder messages for uncompletely submitted articles
  • Configurable emails
  • Quick search through editorial board
  • Ability to submit unlimited revisions
  • Addition of configurable Cover Letter to Manuscript Details Header
  • Ability to add unlimited Reviewer for an article
  • Ability to prepare and add Review Form to be filled by reviewers
  • Ability to send offers to potential reviewers
  • Ability to send proof to the Author for approval prior to publication
  • Ability to change logged journal without closing current session
  • Ability to request payment from authors

Publishing Tools

  • Plagiarism check (CrossCheck / iThenticate).
  • You could also use your own CrossCheck/iThenticate account.
  • DOI assign for your articles.
  • Production of XML for DOI (Crossref).
  • You could also use your own Crossref account.
  • Enhanced pre-publish steps
    1. Dashboard
    2. Grammatical editing
    3. Composing/typesetting
    4. Author proof
    5. Online first
    6. Author payments
    7. Future issue planning
  • XML production for
    1. DOAJ
    2. Pubmed Central (PMC)
    3. Pubmed
    5. RePEc / ReDIF
  • Automatic production of
    1. Table of contents
    2. Author index
    3. Subject index
    4. Reviewer Index
  • Ability to combine all articles of an issue in one PDF

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